Behind Black Honey Vintage: Chelsey and Amelia.

Chelsey and Amelia met at Sundance over 10 years ago and have been friends ever since.  Their childhoods are similar, their body types are similar, their aesthetic is similar. When it came down to creating a business together they of course knew exactly what they wanted to do and all of the enthusiasm in the world to do it.  There was no question about beginning a web site in order to share their passion for everything vintage.  And so Black Honey was born, and on it's way.  Everything was going seamlessly.

They should have known.  Shortly after starting Black Honey, Chelsey was diagnosed with a very rare and deadly form of cancer and Amelia with a lesser known auto-immune disease.  In fact, the girls even found out they were ill in similar fashion, by growing tired while refinishing furniture.

The web site has been on hold until now.  Both girls are ready to pick up where they left off.  Ready to take on refinishing projects, ready to teach you, their readers, the tricks they learned during their years spent in the film industry and ready to empower you to go forth and power scrounge the Black Honey way.

Here we do not say, repurpose.  We do not say, recycle or reclaim.  Because we breathe respect and love into our pieces and we take our time bringing items back to life we say that Black Honey resurrects.