Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Quiet Like a Monkey Farm.

Things look quiet around here. But don't be fooled. We have actually been so busy we are selling things out of Chelsey's garage before we even have a chance to list it! So we'd like to offer a big hearty thanks to everyone for their support. Behind the scenes we have been doing Black Honey photo shoots and working our actual jobs while simultaneously creating new items to post. So stay tuned because there is a lot going on behind this quiet facade, and it's about to blow wide open.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Thanks, Crazy Yard Sale on the 4th South Off-Ramp.

One day, while on a buying trip, we were about to get on the freeway when we saw two large flatbed trucks full of furniture with a huge painted sign reading, Yard Sale! We pulled over into the weeds, climbed up and scrounged around for about a half an hour by ourselves, just rummaging through all the stuff. Some of the things we found there were insane and some insanely cool. Here are some of the items from the crazy flatbed "yard" sale.

What the hud are these? Not sure, really. They are thinly sliced pieces of wood stained different colors and cut into shapes, then layered together to form little pictures. Everyone will have to comment on them after seeing them in your house. If you don't like visitor's asking you, "Where on earth did you get those! They are AWESOME!" then don't buy these little gems.

There are limited amounts. The availability is listed under each pic. Each is priced accordingly. Measure at 8 1/2 by 10 3/4. Essentially, 9x11. Still in original packaging. Each has slight variations in color and appearance, making every one an original. Some are better quality than others. (The wood used, how the color dyes took, etc.) Please read short descriptions.

Little Yellow Socks. A house favorite. She is the only one of her kind.
Listing price, $6.00.

Mushroom Boy with Rabbit. Two available. (Great quality)
Listing price, $4.00

House with Clothes-line. Two available.
Listing price, $4.00

Boy with Shish Kabob. Two available.
Listing price, 3.00

Tiger in Sandals. Three available. (Excellent quality.)
Listing price, 5.00.

Running Squirrel with Bouquet. Two available. (Lower quality)
Listing price, $2.00.

Cat on Unicycle. Six of these beauties available. (Excellent quality.)
Listing price, $5.00.

Squirrel with Pot Stickers and a Hand Grenade. (Is he in a jacket?) Eleven available.
Listing price, $3.00.

Squirrel in a Coat. Redundant redundancy? (Excellent quality.) Five available.
Listing Price, $5.00.